Evgeniy organises developers’ conference ‘Yappi Days’

Over the past few months Evgeniy has been hard at work preparing for Yappi Days, an IT conference he organised in Yaroslavl, Russia. Hundreds of attendees were expected to participate in a programme built around the architecture of enterprise applications, BigData processing, IoT (Internet of Things) and best practices in software development. Speakers were drawn from experts and leading developers from IT companies, and the event attracted multiple sponsors.

I asked Evgeniy to tell us a bit more about his inspiration, and what it was like to organise such a big event.

Where did the idea for Yappi Days come from?
I planned to create an IT event in my city last April. In Yaroslavl we have around a thousand developers and QAs of all different kinds – working with Java, .net, Javascript, etc – and we also have a local university that trains programmers for the market. The thing we were missing was events: we didn’t have any IT professional-oriented events for local IT folks; that’s why I started conference preparations in June.

What was your motivation for the program?
My main intention was to invite experienced speakers from other cities so that we could show developers in Yaroslavl that giving a tech talk is awesome! By both giving and attending talks we increase the value of our local IT community, and this type of event could potentially drive new IT companies to the market. Yappi Days now also provides a platform for Yaroslavl programmers to share experiences and communications in an informal setting.

I know a lot of work went on behind the scenes – were you able to relax and enjoy the day?
Well, I was exhausted Friday evening, but now I’m okay! Most of the attendees were programmers with experience from our local companies, but there was one young boy of 16 years old who approached me after the conference to tell me that he was so amazed by developers and how awesome they are. His mom said later that the boy has decided to become a programmer when he finishes school. I accidentally affected this boy’s life, hopefully for good 🙂

It sounds like it went really well?
Yes – it was the first ever full-day IT conference in the city, and to my surprise more than 300 developers took Friday 13th off and attended the event! We did some surveys afterwards, and more than 85% of the attendees said that they liked the event and the program, and 95% said that they would gladly join the event next year.

Aha, so there will be more?!
For sure – the question is: can I handle the creation of a second conference?!

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