Richard Branson’s stamp of approval

It’s not every day that a world-renowned business leader selects your story to tell, but that’s precisely what happened when Nat described, as part of Branson’s ‘Finding my virginity’ campaign, her experience of overcoming her fears during a recent canyoning adventure.

I can personally vouch for Nat’s fear of heights, falling, and swinging on a rope (particularly sideways), from years of rock climbing together. I’ve often wondered why, given her fears, she returns to the sport time and time again. Surely something on the ground, not requiring safety equipment or the potential to fall into the unknown would be a more comfortable choice?

Nat was, of course, delighted to be featured in Branson’s article but, more to the point, the lesson she shared is one worth repeating:  we should always try something twice, even if we don’t like it, because it’s a great way to build confidence.


Read the article here

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