Supporting female entrepreneurs with Sprinters

I’ve been involved with supporting diversity in tech roles for a long time, so it was great when I was recently asked to feature on the Sprinters blog, which aims to support and inspire female entrepreneurs.

Being given a platform to tell my own story in support of other women in business was a great opportunity, and I hope that my experiences might resonate with someone and encourage them to continue on a tough path, or even to transition to a happier one.

The interview covered some of the challenges I faced in my early career…

“When I was 24 I was the IT manager at a German manufacturing plant. They did not want me there: young, female and English; it was probably the toughest year of work I’ve ever had.

They insisted on speaking in German, which I wasn’t good at, even though they were all fluent in English. I faced roadblocks on everything that I wanted to implement, and every day felt like an impossible battle”

… but also the things I’ve learnt as a result:

“I find that the biggest help has always been to surround myself with the right people. People who inspire me and make me feel accepted, but also won’t accept half measures.”

If you’re interested in reading the interview, you can find it here.

Sprinters is a not for profit organization creating a network of empowered women who feel confident in their abilities to build amazingly successful businesses. If you’d like to get involved, we’d be happy to have you!


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