Take a Break – Dont just sit there

Take a Break – Dont just sit there

Okay, this is a very short post. I have started using a ‘Take a Break’ app while working, actually it’s the Parallels Toolbox, Break Time app and I have left the default 5 minutes every 55 interval.

In the past I worked in offices and would regularly get up and walk around, go visit co-workers, get a drink, attend a meeting or wander around for inspiration. These days I work from home, I have converted a small room into a home office and everything I need is within arms reach – that includes the kettle. I have just been sitting here for hours and it shows. Time for a change.

The Parallels tool was ideal for me, however there are many other alternatives to choose from; apps for your computer, apps for you phone, apps for your watch there is no shortage of choice.

I have limited space to work with and the weather here in the UK is so fickle I wanted to come up with ideas that would nurture a routine that I could go through in the ‘office’ or very near. Now I have a variety of activities to perform in the 5 min break:

  • Up and down the stairs a few times.
  • Large steps and leg stretched using a box
  • Elastic cords

I am going to find a 5 min workout app as well.

The elastic cords I have used in the past and allow for a variety of exercises in limited space, I did not want to move weights or anything like that into the room.

While I have being getting into the swing of this I wondered how long it would be before my Smart TV started popping up a reminder to stand up and take a break. Yeah, my watch could, but I do not wear a watch 24×7 as straps irritate me.

There, posted. Will I stay with the regime? Will follow this up in a month.

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