Gemma Minihan joins Mercury1 from JP Morgan

Gemma Minihan

We are delighted to share that Dr Gemma Minihan has joined the Mercury1 team as a Business Analyst and Project Manager. She comes fresh from a strong client service and process background at JP Morgan and we know she will be able to add a lot of value to our clients with her quick thinking and excellent analytical skills.

Gem studied Medieval history at St Andrews and later achieved a PhD whilst working with the National Trust. Her thesis is something to do with the life of Sir Thomas Couen* who was the first owner of Ightham Mote in Kent (—our-earliest-known-owners)..

In her spare time she rock climbs, hikes, and mountain bikes across beautiful Dorset – and may or may not be writing a book.

Gem is extremely intelligent and logical, with a good grasp of process improvements and managing a service team. Natalie and Phil have known Gem for many years so can attest to the fact that she is really straightforward, super honest, and really cares about the quality of her work.

We are sure that she will be an asset to any project that she is involved with and we hope that our clients will have the pleasure of her thoughtful insights soon.

*We have not accidently misspelt Sir Thomas Couen’s name: there is a difference between the spelling used by Sir Thomas in his will of 1372, and the spelling popularised in the Nineteenth Century (prior to discovery of the will). Although the National Trust prefer to use his popular name, Gem won’t budge on using his ‘real’ name. Copies of the thesis can be obtained through the British library